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The first use of the Community Charter in the UK is by the peoples of Falkirk in Scotland. Falkirk’s Community Charter sets out a clear vision of what the community values and wants to safeguard.  You can find a link to the Falkirk Against Unconventional Gas (FAUG) website here.

Your Community Charter

Get Chartering! Create your own Community Charter to register your values and protect your community assets.

When we think of value we not only include tangible assets such as land, buildings and natural resources but intangible assets such as a sense of sanctuary through home or community, clean water in your streams and rivers, or the wholesome development of your children. Economic value is not the only means of measuring. The process of making a Charter brings a community together around its long-term vision: not just what it doesn’t want, but what it values, the assets that it wants to protect and commits to stewarding for future generations.

When the wellbeing of your community and place is threatened by the impact of developments such as fracking, coal-bed methane extraction, mining, toxic waste dumping, ill-considered new housing or the cutting down of ancient woodland, a Community Charter offers a new and powerful way to open up dialogue with developers and government.