We believe in a broad understanding of community, consisting of the many elements that make up the wide and diverse social fabric that exists. From local residents, local and non-local businesses, community councillors, NGOs or regulators, the Chartering process exists to engage productively with the many voices and stories of what community is. 

The practise of facilitation enables decision-making to be inclusive across many stakeholders. Furthermore, in the best sense, facilitation allows for novel and creative solutions to be found through the very diversity of stakeholders present. These stakeholders can include developers, planners and local government as well as the community.   

By knowing what is valuable, a community can speak with greater authority and take action. The process of agreeing what is valuable is a powerful way to build your community. Our skills help you negotiate this process, including any conflict that may arise, and bring you into dialogue with other relevant decision-makers. By using a participatory approach we work towards consensus.